Why travel with Mountain Taxi?

Mountain Taxi is one of Iceland’s first adventure tour operators, founded by couple Kristján and Björk in the West of Iceland in 1995. Since they have along with choice staff created individual, small group and incentive trips and Superjeep travel for discerning travelers. Every Mountain Taxi customer is seen as a valuable asset, is treated accordingly, with fair pricing. Having among the highest percentage of repeat customers in Icelandic adventure and expedition travel means we must be doing something right.

mini_Rough highland lava trackIceland: A Land of Extremes

Much of the interior of Iceland is inaccessible by anything other than specially outfitted jeeps. The terrain is rugged and difficult to access, and the best jeep guides temper their desire to tame the Highlands with a strict code of conduct based on a strong respect and need to protect the land.

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Your Guide is our Pride

We don’t trust just anybody to take care of our customers the Mountain Taxi way. Mountain Taxi guides are chosen carefully based on experience and reputation. They have to be passionate about Iceland, able to deal with any situation, also in the middle of nowhere, love what they do, AND share our views on customer care. Navigating the rough Icelandic highlands and glaciers safely craves skill and years of active experience. All Mountain Taxi guides are highly experienced Superjeep drivers with strong respect for Iceland´s wild, unspoiled nature.

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Kristján Kristjánsson

Kristján Kristjánsson

Owner, Director & Guide

Born and bred Icelander Kristján has taken guests around his beloved Iceland for decades. A master mechanic too, vital for the kind of extreme expeditions he revels in.

Björk Jónasdóttir

Björk Jónasdóttir

Head of the Office

Always there, Björk is Mountain Taxi’s indispensable and unflappable organisational anchor. Still, she somehow finds the time for an active outdoors life, with or without her family.


MT Frostastaðaháls (2)

  • Hiking or biking is a wonderful way to get around in the Icelandic highlands in the summer, one we recommend to all fit and experienced outdoors people. Every year though, hikers out in Iceland’s Sub-Arctic wilderness die of hypothermia, even without being hit by one of the sudden highland storms. Iceland’s volunteer Highland Rescue teams are now at their limits to cope with increased demand. Another aspect the Icelanders are increasingly objecting to, is hikers’ trail of human waste and damage to delicate vegetation because of trampling and camp pitching. The option to use a 4×4 vehicle with a knowledgeable operator, does avoid these issues.
  • Our Super jeeps are not built for show. No modification is made if it doesn’t add to practical purpose. When not working, our vehicles are kept at our base and other vehicles, fit for the city, used there.
  • Our minimum number of passengers is 4. Each vehicle takes up to 10 passengers. One such vehicle has far less environmental impact in every way than 5 unmodified 4x4s carrying the same number of passengers.
  • We promote local trade in the areas we visit on our tours. We also are always conscious of environmental impact of all our purchases. We use products made in Iceland as much as we can, reducing the need for polluting global transport. This also adds to the sustainability of individual farmers in more remote areas and Iceland in general.
  • For those not needing the capabilities of a full-house Superjeep, Mountain Taxi offers smaller vehicles for less environmental impact.


When is the best time of year to travel to Iceland?

Ice cream or hot chocolate? Hard to choose between two delicious treats. It is often said that there is not an Iceland, but at least two. Up here in the north, the difference in seasons is for real. So take your pick, or try both:

Summer gives you the surreal midnight sun experience and more or less secure Superjeep access to parts of the interior like Landmannalaugar. Some remote inhabited areas like the hauntingly impressive Westfjords are best enjoyed in summer. June-August is also fishing season for trout and salmon. You can still take a snowmobiling trip in the summer though – on a glacier – as well as a plethora of other activities.

Winter in Iceland brings on the mystical, mythical Northern Lights, incredible snow covered landscapes, and expedition opportunities to remember for life. The best winter months for highland Supeerjeep exploration are usually January, February and March.

What is the weather in Iceland like?

Unpredictable. That’s the answer, in one word. So take sunglasses, raingear, T-shirt and woollies, as well as a good windbreaker. All in the same bag. Although our Superjeeps are supremely comfortable, outside weather can vary greatly in a day, and we will be visiting mountainous and exposed areas. To enjoy your trip to the fullest, we recommend you bring warm clothing and sturdy footwear. For activities like snowmobiling, insulated suits  are provided. Although we can basically travel in any weather, some routes may be inaccessible. Activities such as snowmobiling depend on snow and other conditions. We may therefore have to adjust our activities or route accordingly. We will discuss options with you and refund if scheduled activities are cancelled.

What are the Highlands?

The Icelandic Highlands are vast areas of completely uninhabited and uninhabitable land in the interior of Iceland. According to official designations this comprises some 75% of Iceland’s total area of over 103.000 sq.km.  Largely made up of glacier-scoured volcanic desert and dominated by a number of glaciers including Vatnajökull, the world’s largest ice cap. Some of the most incredible, remote and interesting parts of Iceland are to be found in the Highlands, such as Landmannalaugar and the region around Askja and Herðubreið. We’ll take you there.

What makes the Highlands so special?

After the settlement period in 874-930 the Highlands were regularly travelled during summer. Fear of real or mythical outlaws, fuelled by worsening conditions for life, kept the population out of the highlands for centuries. To cross the interior was never something to be undertaken lightly, countless lives have been lost there to this day.

Today the interior is traversed by mountain roads open only in summer. Most highland routes involve crossing rivers and the center of the island with its rocky deserts, jagged mountain peaks, ice caps, volcanoes, hidden valleys and hot and cold springs. In geothermal areas, rhyolite colours the mountains yellow, green and red with swathes of shiny black obsidian.  Volcanic caves, huge calderas and craters also dot the interior. History, folklore, incredible scenery and natural wonders combine to make the Highlands a very special place to Icelanders, and other travellers.

Why do I need a 4×4 in the Highlands?

The 1.332 km long Highway 1, or the Ring Road, roughly follows Iceland’s 6.088km long coastline. From coast to foothills is the domain of some 333.000 humans, above which are the Icelandic Highlands, with 0 inhabitants. This sub-arctic island interior is accessible on foot, horseback, or in motorized vehicles along a system of rugged 4×4 paths. The local evolution to ubiquity of the Icelandic Superjeep was a response to their makers craving for dealing with the hardships of the “useless 3/4 of the country. Up there, vehicles need to not only handle rough terrain, but also deal with obstacles like sometimes torrential glacier rivers. Unless on foot, areas like Þórsmörk, Landmannalaugar and other fabled interior destinations are accessible only by true 4x4s.

Who goes on our expeditions?

Families, groups of friends, colleagues. Mountain Taxi groups know no age limits. Because our expeditions are 100% customizable, and our itineraries flexible, we make trips for the avid hiker, for the casual walker, or for the invalid. High octane itineraries, or tranquillity above all. Basically, we’ll happily serve anyone who wants to see, hear and smell all that our beloved Iceland has to offer.

What kinds of accommodations are available?

Our expeditions are all custom-tailored to every group’s needs. Accommodation options range from basic mountain huts to comfortable guesthouses to luxury hotels.


All our vehicles are equipped with a full communications suite to quickly summon emergency assistance wherever you are. Helicopter medevac is effective and fast. Iceland is a highly developed Scandinavian society with one of the best sick care systems in the world.

What about small children?

Children are particularly welcome to Mountain Taxi, accompanied by an adult. Please let us know in advance if your party will include children for us to supply fitting child seats to our vehicles.

Can Mountain Taxi accommodate guests with special needs?

We welcome special needs guests on our tours. Please be aware Super jeeps are tall and not specially outfitted for the disabled, and that outdoor activities may be restricted for guests with disabilities. However, our many disabled guests through the years have been fully able to enjoy the beauty of Icelandic nature from the comfort of our Super jeeps.

Does Mountain Taxi work with Travel Agents?

Yes. Mountain Taxi values relationships with the Travel Agent community. Check for our commission rates.

Does Mountain Taxi work with corporate groups or meeting planners?

Yes. Mountain Taxi is a Destination Management Company and has been planning and orchestrating corporate and incentive trips for 25 years. We offer destination management services to meeting planners and have accommodated large groups with complex programmes. Mountain Taxi’s size ensures unrivalled attention to detail and personal care.