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Mountain Taxi?

Mountain Taxi is one of Iceland’s first adventure tour operators, founded by couple Kristján and Björk in the West of Iceland in 1995. Since they have along with choice staff created individual, small group and incentive trips and Superjeep travel for discerning travelers. Every Mountain Taxi customer is seen as a valuable asset, is treated accordingly. We pride our selves in personal, friendly service and being able to help you experience Iceland the way it should be experienced.

Your Guide is
our pride

We don’t trust just anybody to take care of our customers the Mountain Taxi way. Mountain Taxi guides are chosen carefully based on experience and reputation. They have to be passionate about Iceland, able to deal with any situation, also in the middle of nowhere, love what they do, AND share our views on customer care. Navigating the rough Icelandic highlands and glaciers safely craves skill and years of active experience. All Mountain Taxi guides are highly experienced Superjeep drivers with strong respect for Iceland´s wild, unspoiled nature.

A Land of Extremes

Much of the interior of Iceland is inaccessible by anything other than specially outfitted jeeps. The terrain is rugged and difficult to access, and the best jeep guides temper their desire to tame the Highlands with a strict code of conduct based on a strong respect and need to protect the land.

Mountain Taxi – Víðigerði ehf

ID no. 680509-1070
Skeiðarás 10, Garðabæ, Iceland
tel. +354 544-5252

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Our Team


Kristján Kristjánsson

Owner, Director & Guide


Björk Jónasdóttir

Owner, planning & more

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Why travel with
Mountain Taxi?

  • Hiking or biking is a wonderful way to get around in the Icelandic highlands in the summer, one we recommend to all fit and experienced outdoors people. Every year though, hikers out in Iceland’s Sub-Arctic wilderness die of hypothermia, even without being hit by one of the sudden highland storms. Iceland’s volunteer Highland Rescue teams are now at their limits to cope with increased demand. Another aspect the Icelanders are increasingly objecting to, is hikers’ trail of human waste and damage to delicate vegetation because of trampling and camp pitching. The option to use a 4×4 vehicle with a knowledgeable operator, does avoid these issues.
  • Our Super jeeps are not built for show. No modification is made if it doesn’t add to practical purpose. When not working, our vehicles are kept at our base and other vehicles, fit for the city, used there.
  • Our minimum number of passengers is 4. Each vehicle takes up to 10 passengers. One such vehicle has far less environmental impact in every way than 5 unmodified 4x4s carrying the same number of passengers.
  • We promote local trade in the areas we visit on our tours. We also are always conscious of environmental impact of all our purchases. We use products made in Iceland as much as we can, reducing the need for polluting global transport. This also adds to the sustainability of individual farmers in more remote areas and Iceland in general.
  • For those not needing the capabilities of a full-house Superjeep, Mountain Taxi offers smaller vehicles for less environmental impact.

Now we are celebrating 25 years!

In the year 1995, Björk and Kristján started Mountain Taxi with one driver guide and one vehicle. 25 years later, we’re still at it! Glaciers have moved, volcanoes have erupted and as we say in Iceland, a lot of water has run to sea, but one thing remains the same. Our passion to explore and give you the best experience of Iceland possible.

We’re happy to announce that it’s time to make an old dream come true and start a new chapter in Mountain Taxi history. From the start of 2020 we will be focusing solely on private tours to give you the best possible experience of our wonderful island. As a part of this new chapter we will no longer be ofering water in plastic bottles, but giving our guests reusable, eco-friendly water bottles. It’s been a great 25 years, and we look forward to writing the next chapter with you!

Thank you!

Björk, Kristján & the Mountain Taxi team.