Day 1

The tour starts at Tungufell, a farm located 140 KM east of Reykjavík.

Once we’re all ready, we’ll head into the mountains with our first lunch stop somewhere near Bláfell. We’ll be driving into the colorful rhyolite mountains of Kerlingarfjöll for about two hours, and then we’ll be treated to fantastic views over the Hofsjökull Glacier.

On the eastern side of the Kerlingarfjöll Mountains, we’ll drive deep into a huge canyon to do some exploring. After we have almost circled the mountains, we’ll break before leaving to Hveravellir geothermal high temperature area among the Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers. This all takes place on the ancient highland route, Kjölur.

After so much excitement, we’ll wind down with a nice barbecue and a relaxing bath in a natural hot spring just outside of the mountain hut where we’ll be staying.

Day 2

Today we’re headed northbound about 18 KM on the Kjölur route. This notorious track is called Stórisandur (the Big Sand), and it leads us north of the Glacier Langjökull towards Arnarvastnsheidi. After a long, strenuous and exciting ride over the big sand (which actually has very big sand particles), we advance sharply downward into the lush vegetation around Arnarvatn (Eagle Lake).

This is an astonishingly good fishing area, where we can catch some fresh trout for the evening. The Langjökull Glacier dominates the horizon along with the table mountain Eiríksjökull Glacier, and under these giants of nature we’ll be spending the night in one of the huts used by the farmers when they round up their sheep.

Day 3

We continue our tour heading west towards the valleys of Borgarfjörður, crossing a big, rushing river along the way.

We have to refuel our ATV in Húsafell before we head south over Kaldidalur (The Cold Valley). Once we are there, we have the option to take the very old 20 km route, only passable on ATV, dirt bikes or on foot. This was the first mountain road ever made in Iceland in the 19th century. The other option is to drive all the way up to the Langjökull Glacier and explore the ice.

In the late afternoon, we say good-bye to new friends and end our trip in the Laugarvatn area.