Day 1.  09:00 pickup at hotel.

We start the day by driving to Úlfarsfell mountain on the outskirts of Reykjavik.  A very rugged and steep track takes us all the way to the top of the mountain.  From the top there is a great view over the capital and the surrounding areas.


Now we drive through Thingvellir National park and Geysir hot spring area on our way to Gullfoss waterfall where we arrive at 12:00.  Here we have lunch in the form of real Icelandic Lamb soup.  This is what REAL Icelandic men and women have been eating since the settlement if they really need to boost up on energy.  (We might make short stops at Thingvellir and Geysir depending on how much time we have.)


We leave Gullfoss at 13:00.  Next stop is Langjökull about 30 minutes away.  Langjökull is Iceland´s second largest glacier.  At Langjökull we go for a one hour thrilling snowmobile ride in this surreal desert of snow and ice.  Here people often feel like they are in movies like The Thing, The Hoth system in Star Wars or other movies that take place in hostile environments of remote frozen planets.   Helmets, insulated suits, gloves and hats will be provided.   Up on the glacier the weather can be anything from sunny and nice to a raging blizzard with zero visibility.  So be prepared for a true adventure.


From Langjokull we head back through Gullfoss towards the south coast of Iceland and into the renowned Thorsmork area, the Valleys of the thunder god Thor.  In order to get to Thorsmork we need to ford many glacier rivers in the Super jeeps.  Some of these rivers can be wide and deep so you need a big vehicle and you also need to know how to use them.  We might even have to sacrifice some of the team members by having them cross the rivers on foot, just to make sure it is safe to drive a cross them.  We estimate to be in Thorsmork at around 7:30 in the afternoon.


Here we stay overnight in a comfortable and cozy hut in one of the valleys and feast on a BBQ dinner prepared by the drivers that are also great chefs.  These guys can do anything!!!


Day 2. 

At 09:00 we start the day back tracking through the rivers to the main road.  We explore Seljalandsfoss waterfall and actually walk behind the water as it tumbles down 60 meters from the top of the cliffs.  Those that want can take a refreshing shower under a part of the waterfall.  This will wake you up!!!


Turning east and driving right under the steep hills of Eyjafjallajökull we make our way towards Sólheimajökull glacier.  We reach the glacier at 11:00.  We arm ourselves with crampons, ice axes and the proper safety equipment before embarking on an adventurous glacier hike on this icy giant.  We explore the ice and crevasses and learn how this moving world of frozen water behaves.  You might be able to talk the guide into letting you tackle a steep wall of solid ice or taste this roughly 900 year old ice.   After the glacier hike we continue to the dramatic pitch black sands of the south coast of Iceland.  This is the perfect place for the Super jeeps.  We take them for a spin on the sand with the surf from the Atlantic Ocean hammering the beach 10 meters away from the vehicle.


Close by we find where we a cozy restaurant in a traditional Icelandic farm where we have a nice lunch.


After lunch we head towards Reykjavik.  On our way there we meet up with a group of ATV´s (quad bikes) and go for a fun filled tour through the sands, valleys and lava fields of the highlands above the capital.  These ATVs are 4×4 so you will get the chance to try them out in the proper way.  Insulated suits, helmets and gloves are provided.Then it is back to the hotel in Reykjavik to get ready for a night out.  Estimated time of arrival in Reykjavik is 6:30 in the afternoon.

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