Glacier Lagoon – Jökulsárlón – South Coast

This Private Day-Tour allows you to spend a magnificent day devoted to the wonders of Iceland´s south shore. You will see some of Iceland´s most magnificent scenery on the way, including the mighty Skógarfoss with its 60m drop, black sand desert, and you have the opportunity of sailing in between icebergs in the summer time / not available in wintertime.

Truly a breathtaking experience

On this tour you will see some of Iceland´s biggest glacier rivers, black sands, and just before we reach the lagoon we will pass Iceland´s second largest active volcano in the country, Öræfajökull glacier.

Jökulsárlón literally means glacier lagoon, at the time when first settlers arrived in Iceland, the edge of Breiðamerkurjökull, an outlet glacier of the great glacier Vatnajökull, is thought to have been 20km further north than it is now. The climate began to cool in about the year 1200, the cold spell reaching a peak in the period 1600-1900, which is sometimes known as the “Little Ice Age”. As a result the glacier advanced until about 1890, reaching a point only about 1km from the coast at Jökulsá river.

Large blocks of ice break off the edge of the glacier, which is about 30m high, keeping the lagoon stocked with icebergs.

Available as a private tour only

We have 3 different sizes of Jeeps to chose from, depending on how many you are.

Duration 12-13 hrs,